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Topic subjecthow so? The entire process for this was over
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26141, how so? The entire process for this was over
Posted by FireBrand, Sat Mar-05-05 05:08 AM
A series of years and administrations. Like I said before- I don't put this on one administration. The Euro was a threat from it's inception. The only thing that made it look weak at first was countries like Italy's economy etc...

Hussein was thinking of going to the Euro to kill US control of the oil money for a minute.

Germans joined late if I recall correctly.

It's all broken down here:

well I was fittna give you a link, but the site won't come up. On PBS.org they talk about the situation under Clinton's administration concerning NAFTA, the Euro, Asia's dominoe effect of contagion effecting the US's Southern neighbors and how we had to bail them out.

You combine this with the situation in the Gulf and the OPEC countries thinking of converting to the Euro (once again I beilve this is B4 the Germans converted) It was some ugly stuff about to go down.

I believe it's all broken down even further in the archives on the rabbit hole post. There are timelines there. It shuold be on page 13 of the archives.

There is a timeline


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