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Topic subjectword...I don't totally agree...
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26134, word...I don't totally agree...
Posted by FireBrand, Wed Mar-02-05 01:52 PM
>>Basically we knew they had hard times with the famine, and
>>without Soviet help. So we told 'em, hey if ya'll go 'head
>>and cease making Nuclear Energy to meet your energy concerns
>>we'll give ya'll all the energy you need.
>The policy really had to do with nuclear weapons rather than
>energy per se.


Basically we wanted them to shut down their
>nuclear reactors, which they were using to produce
>weapons-grade plutonium, and in exchange we agreed to supply
>them with their energy needs. In addition to giving them oil
>we agreed to build two light-water nuclear reactors, which
>are much more difficult to use to produce weapons-grade
>nuclear material than the reactors they have.
>>We lied.
>They lied too - they agreed to stop developing nuclear
>weapons, when they were secretly developing enriched uranium
>the whole time. No honor among theives I guess.
>>We aint gave them not near 25% of what we promised. Now,
>>they got a FAMINE on they hands already so ole Kimmy aint
>>trying to hear that folk have to go without power AND food.
>I think we gave them the oil we promised,

no we didn't. I read that we did for a number of years, and then stopped.

but we stalled on
>the reactors after they started bugging out with test-firing
>missiles over Japan and shit.

that was after we balked on the oil.

As for the famine, ole Kimmy
>was pouring money into his military, developing missiles and
>nukes and whatnot, while his people starved - he don't give
>a damn about his people going without food or power as long
>as his army remains strong.

Now that I can agree with. He got all of them trained with that compulsary BS. He's really crazy. But he has a right to defend his country. If he didn't have that complex he's got we woulda been marched that 40 thousand across that border since China don't care right now.

>>All they really got going for them over there is a good
>>sized standing army, and a not TOO shabby military complex.
>>so, he said eff it. If ya'll won't help us with Oil then we
>>making some Nuclear Energy. It's cheap and we need it.
>>We told them NO. Clinton said: NO!
>That's not what Clinton said no to; Clinton said no when
>they started processing spent fuel rods into weapons-grade

I was under the impression they did this AFTER we said that they couldn't make Nuclear Energy. Where did you get that from?
>>Bush said: Hell NO!
>And Bush said hell no to the enriched uranium, which they
>were developing for weapons, not energy production.

Bush also said he wasn't giving them oil either. At that point, what do you do if you are Ill?

>>Kimmy said eff u.
>>1.) you don't keep your promises.
>>2.) you donp't like us and we don't like you.
>>3.) you more worried about China's economy than us.
>Kimmy didn't care about promises cuz he was breaking them
>himself from jump. What he really said eff u to was us
>telling him that he couldn't have nukes: when we confronted
>them with evidence that they were secretly developing
>enriched uranium, they basically said yeah so what u gonna
>do about it?

I remember that. It was bold. I laffed. But that's after we lied about the oil. I mean, he has every right to be mad. Who are we to tell another sovereign what to do? We thumb our noses at the UN. Should Israel and the US alone be allowed to do that?

And we started sabre-rattling, and they said
>eff it, kicked out the international nuclear inspectors from
>their reactors/enrichment facilities and started processing
>plutonium again. He was intent on getting nukes one way or
>the other.

Yeah, and so was Pakistan n India. Where was the angst on that?

>>China is backing off cus they busy buying IBM and buying up
>>City debt here in the states. If they rock the boat they
>>will face tariffs that they can't afford to mess with in
>>this stage of their economic "growth".
>Yeah China's not trying to fight N. Korea's battles at this
>point, they got bigger fish to fry.
>>So, N. Korea is on it's own. It figures it has no choice,
>>so it not only makes Nuclear Energy but starts a weopons
>>program to defend their right to make Nuclear Energy.
>No, their weapons program is to defend their right to remain
>a crazy Stalinist dystopia.

>>SO...now we got an issue. Are we gonna let China in on the
>>Energy game? of course not.
>I'm not following.

I think they'll deal with China. And since we aint letting China in the game cus we trying to Banana Republic them outta a position- u can hang that up.
>>We are fighting with Russia
>>right now to make sure only Western Europe and the US has
>>control over the world's energy.
>Yeah, but we ain't actually going to war with them.
>>Hell, Russia lost out when we went into Bahgdad. They lost
>>ALOT of doe,
>That's true.
>>and when we stopped Iraq from all that Euro
>>talk Britain needed us more than ever cus all of that
>>infrastructure and stuff in the region after we go to war
>>with Jordan, Syria, Iran, etc will be based on US dollars.
>So why does Britain need us for that? They're not on the

Well at the time, the Dutch were about to corner them. Prices were type ridiculous in Britain and I still think they are kinda high if I'm not mistaken. If the Euro was the currency of choice in the OPEC nations both the Dollar and the Pound would suffer. So would the Mark. which is prolly why the Germans were quick to show them bunkers. When we invaded Iraq, the euro question was no longer a question.

>And we're not going to war with Jordan. Iran and maybe Syria
>we might bomb though.

We fittna mess with the lot of 'em. Watch. Egypt gets a pass as usual of course. They signed that treaty back in the day so they get cash and love.

>>Which frankly, the US Dollar NEEDS right now, cus the dollar
>>is falling quite rapidly to the Euro, and China is Coming
>That's true.
>>If Japan ever gets over that contagion issue from back in
>>'98 we can be in some real trouble economically- like the US
>>will be in SERIOUS trouble. The type of trouble that
>>changes world status.
>Japan's economy had serious problems already, the contagion
>shit wasn't what caused that. Yeah. I mean any time you try that artificial controll ish in a capitalist economy u effin up. There was no way they were gonna protect their domestic market forever, and it fell apart, didn't it. But contagion was certainly the knockout blow.

>>So, we over there in the Middle East, we shipping folk off
>>to N. Korea (if you know specialist in the Military they'll
>>tell ya they gearing up for N. korea). It's weird to watch
>>it all go down.
>We ain't doing jack to North Korea.

I wish that were true. I'm hearing an awful lot about folk heading that way. Why would we be bolstering troops? especially non combatant groups (are we that short in numbers)?

That aint exactly rattling sabers.

>>Only alternative is to beat it in the marketplace.
>>but how?
>You mean alternative energy and stuff like that?

Yeah. I mean. I dunno. I just hope I guess, cus I got no idea how you'd get that off the ground.

I hope the younger cats like Zewari and Fredrisco got some answers. That's really gonna be their job in the final analysis- I think.

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