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Topic subjectHere is some in depth info from a reliable source.
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26123, Here is some in depth info from a reliable source.
Posted by FireBrand, Wed Mar-02-05 07:25 AM
These people are investment bankers in the field of energy. The information they provide is there for people looking to do research or invest in energy globally.

Now, while some of their numbers might be abit askew for sales purposes, you can get a FEEL for the situation in Central Asia, and the middle east. You will be able to understand what Populations in China and Russia bring to the table competition wise for owning this energy and you can see where emerging markets fall in.

It's a pdf so I don't know how to cut and paste it but it is replete with graphs, charts and informatoin that isn't at all Biased from what I've seen.

So called conspiracy theorist will find an abundance of information backing their claims, and so will conservative knuckle draggers that belive that what we do over there is an issue of national security. Inferences will need to be made tho.

Background info on the company providing the information:


Simmons and company is the only independant investment bank specializing in the entire spectrum of the energy industry...

And the link to the pdf file:



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