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Posted by insanejake, Wed Dec-15-04 04:36 AM
>>Firstly I simply dont believe a lot of this.
>are you saying Israel never conducted eugenics experiments?
>or Israel never aided apartheid S. Africa in its brutal
>suppression of indigenous Africans? or Israel isn't playing
>a prominent role in perpetuating the war in the central
>Africa? or Israel isn't regulating the Palestinian
>population to ghettos? or Israel isn't using chemical
>weapons against the Palestinians?

Thats exactly what I am saying.

>the rest of your points are bullshit because you're going
>off conjecture. i never said suicide bombings are justified.
>i said Israeli terrorism, which predates Palestinian
>terrorism (so spare the 'reactionary' excuse), grossly
>dwarfs Palestinian terrorism.

So what, that still doesnt make suicide bombings acceptable and you have repeatedly shied away from properly condemning them. Your "they started it" argument is as childish as it looks....

your intellectual dishonesty
>in coming to terms with this simple fact for what it is
>reveals a lot about your committment to real solutions.

Really, so calling Israeli's Nazis, finding justifications for suicide bombings and making shit up about Israelis is progressing towards a solution. Ill put my response up. There are my ideas for solutions in there.