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Topic subjectyou're rejecting the criminality of zionism
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26101, you're rejecting the criminality of zionism
Posted by zewari, Wed Dec-08-04 12:50 PM
you still like to believe that zionists just bought land and moved into Palestinian land. you try to marginalize and legitimize israeli state terrorism by comparing it to palestinian terrorism, when palestinian terrorism is severely DWARFED by israeli terrorism. then you go on to question the credibility of the article because of the israeli soldiers' confessions

and you asking me what you've rejected?

>>akin to holocaust deniers.
>Ah, back to shock and offend tactics I see.

no, its exactly accurate. the nazis considered German state terroism against the partisian resistance throughout europe as being counter-terrorist actions against partisian terrorism. the German military's so-called "counter-terrorism" strategy was studied by the militaries of the U.S., apartheid S. Africa, and Israel. numerous military analysts have even went so far as to point out flaws of the german strategy, and what more effective "solutions" would have been.

>>>Do you even know what that means?
>>Fucking idiot. Do you know how to read in full context? I
>>said belligerence towards defenseless Palestinians. There
>>are protocols for rules of militaristic engagement that
>>prohibit such acts.
>Belligerent means warlike. They are soldiers. Go figure.

This is a pathetic attempt to excuse their criminal actions by treating it like its justified. The irony is that you criticize American soldiers in Iraq for the same thing, and instead of admitting that your emotionally fueled response predisposes you to white-washing israel's crimes, you continue on your downward spiral.

>>Difference is that zionism is an ideology rooted in hate.
>>the Palestinians hatred is rooted in oppression.
>Aha, and the Palestinians dont hate the Israelis? Did it
>ever occur to you that the Zionists just dont care that much
>about the Palestinians (not that that is right either)?

your bigotry reveals itself once more. in a previous exchange, you seemed content with interchangeably using the word "Palestinian" with the word "terrorist". note how i had never made such a horrendous mistake of committing a fallacious substitute. you even accused me of interchangeably using Jew with zionists, when i never did. i never once stated anything equivalent to "jews hate Palestinians", yet you seem content to make statements implicating uniform hatred for jews among Palestinians. and you said that in response to me pointing out how zionism is an ideology rooted in hate. "Palestinian" is not an ideology. "zionism" is. there is no such thing as Palestinianism. there is such a thing as zionism.

and what on earth were you trying to say by pointing out zionists don't care about the Palestinians??? its obvious the zionists dont care for the Palestinians. that's why they want to ethnically clense them.

> the
>>zionists act on their hate in ways that directly affects the
>>well-being of the overwhelming majority of Palestinians.
>And what does this have to do with your "point". Are you
>saying that terrorism and its consequences font affect the
>wellbeing of the overwhelming majority of Israelis?

Palestinian terrorism does not affect the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of the average Israeli on any remotely comparable levels with how Israeli terrorism affects Palestinians.

>>>Seriously? "All we did was fire a few bullets at someone,
>>>and then they tried to shoot us back, how evil they are...."
>>I am convinced you are FUNCTIONALLY ILLITERATE. Read the
>>passage again, slowly this time. Let the words sink into
>>your head. Its the equivalent of razing a neighborhood in
>>the name of "hunting a criminal". Also look try and make an
>>effort at understanding something called CAUSE AND EFFECT.
>I shoot you, you have a bigger gun and shoot me back, and
>you are the bad guy? I get it. And how should they find the
>person shooting at them? Ask nicely? Its not a great way of
>dealing with the situation, but if you hide terrorists, and
>you know you are dealing with a violent regime, dont be
>surprised when they come to get you...

Kill 'em all, let yahwey sort 'em out, right? You're a fucking lunatic. Don't even compare this to a gun fight. this isn't small arms exchange fool. you don't raze whole neighborhoods because one resident fired a shot. collective punishment is a war crime.

>>The settlers do all sorts of horrendous shit without facing
>>any reprimand, so its not suprising that somebody would want
>>to bust a cap in their ass. THE CYCLE OF VIOLENCE WAS
>>STARTED BY THE ZIONISTS, and the passage demonstrates the
>>staple disproportionate response to fascist occupation.
>In other words, "they started it". This is puerile and
>facile to say the least....

this is why you can never be intellectually honest.

>>>Yup, training to be a soldier does nasty things to people. A
>>>bit like training to be a suicide bomber...
>>except 1.) suicide bombers are the product of oppression,
>"they started it" again. Its ok to kill civilians, as long
>as they are Israeli civilians...
>>2.) the israeli soldiers are the product of a fascist
>>zionist state whose leaders want no peace.

>Unlike the leaders of the suicide bombers who are desperate
>for peace at any cost?

see CAUSE AND EFFECT. israel's leaders direct national policy. terrorist leaders direct their respective terrorist group, not the Palestinian people. your constant comparison of the israeli state w/ individual groups is almost as flawed as your train of thought.

>By the way, how often have legitimate
>palestinian democratic leadership elections been held. Dont
>be too quick to throw the term "fascist" around. It might
>come back at you like a boomerang...

WTF kind of point is that shit? You're fucking pathetic man. anything that's fascist deserves to be called so. how often were the palestinians in a position where they could actually have a government??

>>Oh ok, so when a criminal confesses, he is not reliable.
>>Your logic is astounding.
>So he admits to being a bastard, but because he is an
>Israeli bastard, its a good source. I have never seen an
>article where an Arab examines himself in this way...