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Topic subjectRabbi Mordechai Gifter: ZIONISTS ARE MURDERERS
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26065, Rabbi Mordechai Gifter: ZIONISTS ARE MURDERERS
Posted by zewari, Mon Nov-22-04 08:32 AM

We know the truth. The truth is that Zionism is a curse, and that's the way it is. Zionism is murder! And that's what it really is, because it is true! Who threw the Jews into the ocean when they wanted to travel to Eretz Yisroel in 1941? Who sank the boat (called the 'Patria') with about 1000 Jews on it? Who? The Nazis? Zionists did it! Yes, the Zionists! What is that? Is it not murder? Murderers!! Because of Zionism, one is allowed to kill Jews? Didn't these murderers say that the Jews of Europe are the "sacrifices" which we have to bring to have a Jewish "state" in Eretz Yisroel (G-d forbid)? Didn't they say this? Don't they have printed black and white statements which everybody can read? Didn't this man with the name, "Yitzchok Greenbaum" say in Warsaw that all religious Jews should be thrown into the ocean? And all this because of Zionism! And he wasn't ashamed of these words! I ask you: Is this right? Is this being nice? Is this grace? This is MURDER! Without any excuse, it is murder! G-d comes and punishes us, and He says to us that if we brought up in our midst such and Esau - one who is against Torah, against religion, against everything a Jew is - then we suggest a hint to the world, and it calls us Racists, Murderers, Terrorists! We are called murderers, who kill women and children. The Gentiles say this and it makes an impression on us, and we scream. How terrible! How can they speak this way about the Jewish people?

But it's interesting. They don't say that Jews are murderers. Only Zionists are murderers. This is an awesome thing. That repeats itself thousands of times and it doesn't stop. Some make protests. They write articles in the newspapers. They go to Washington to explain to the President of the United States what Zionism means - and that G-d forbid it's not this way - but we know the truth: Zionism says and Zionism actually does with its own hands the killing of Jews for an "Ideal"! Is it right that one Jew should kill another for an "ideal"? What right do they have to do this - to sink them in the ocean? Did you ever hear such stories as those that Jews forget and don't want to know? Yet this is what is being spoken from the mouths of the evil ones. They go and tell these stories to the U.N., for the whole world. But, in reality, this is being spoken to us from Heaven. G-d speaks to us, and wants to awaken us, and speaks to us through their mouths. A new language has begun: Therefore, a Jew has to decide why others speak to us in this way. It is only because we are being called into account in Heaven.