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Topic subjectRE: Jewish professor accused of "anti-semitism" by Canadian Jewish Congr
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26047, RE: Jewish professor accused of "anti-semitism" by Canadian Jewish Congr
Posted by rubadubdub, Sun Nov-21-04 06:12 PM
First off, the CJC are absolutely deplorable in their Israel cheerleading. They regularly stifle debate on Middle Eastern issues by calling people Anti-Semites. They even target student journalists who happen to write articles sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. I know, because I've been targeted. Their actions, like many pro-Zionist groups are absolutely abhorent, often exploiting the tragedy of the holocaust to defame those who would criticise Israel. On that note, Cienfuegos is actually an anti-semite who produces articles that aren't only critical of Israel, but of Jews in general. Add some poor investigative journalism (kosher nostra) to the mix and you've got someone who destroys the credibility of the whole anti-zionist movement. With people like Cienfuegos around the CJC has it easy, they don't have to debate many of the relevant issues he brings up. They can just dismiss him as anti-semetic, which he is.

by the way. I was wondering what you're studying... just curious. esp. cause you know my major

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