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Topic subjectJewish professor accused of "anti-semitism" by Canadian Jewish Congress
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26046, Jewish professor accused of "anti-semitism" by Canadian Jewish Congress
Posted by zewari, Sun Nov-21-04 05:27 PM
Yet another example of zionists using the "anti-semitic" boogeyman to stiffle legitimate critique. Imagine what would've happened if the guy was not a Jew... people like rubadubdub would be quick to dismiss this as "nazi style propoganda" because the professor listed the names of the zionist directors of the York University Foundation and their links to pro-Israel organizations... or someone like insanejake will dismiss them as being "self-hating jews" or sellouts (as stated above).


A history professor is demanding an apology from a leading Jewish rights group and York University for what he calls "scurrilous attacks" on his character and attempts to squelch his freedom of speech.

If no apology is forthcoming, David Noble said he'd consider legal action against the Canadian Jewish Congress and York.

The congress has denounced Noble for spreading "anti-Semitic" material on campus.

Noble handed out a memo last week listing the names of the directors of the York University Foundation, the school's fundraising arm, and their links to pro-Israel organizations.

The material, which appears to suggest that a small cabal of Jews runs the foundation, is reminiscent of classic Jewish-conspiracy theories, Bernie Farber, executive director of the congress, said yesterday.

"Not only is this absurd, it reeks of anti-Semitism.... It's bizarre, and if this wasn't coming from an academic, one would laugh it off. The fact that it's coming from an academic should scare people."

Noble, who has taught at York for 15 years and is Jewish, said those comments are worrisome and "deeply offensive to me because my own family has suffered from anti-Semitism."

"When you get these kinds of scurrilous attacks it trivializes anti-Semitism. I guess they didn't do their homework and find out I was Jewish."

There will be no apology, Farber said, arguing Noble can't use that as "a cloak" for his actions.

Noble spontaneously distributed copies of a memo he wrote called "The Tail that Wags the Dog (Suggestions for Further Research)" after a Thursday film screening by the student group Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights.

It claims the foundation "is biased by the presence and influence of staunch pro-Israel lobbyists, activists and fundraising agencies." Noble asserted yesterday that the foundation is "de facto running York. They clamp down on any criticism of Israel."

Pro-Arab and pro-Israel students separately agreed to denounce Noble's actions.

Rabia Siddiqui of the Solidarity group said it was inappropriate "for anyone to single anyone out because of their race, in any circumstances."

"It is unacceptable for any student to be exposed to this type of bigotry," Dori Borshiov, president of the Jewish group Hillel at York, added in a statement.

A statement by university president Lorna Marsden said "York strongly condemns this highly offensive material," which singles out people "on the basis of their ethnicity and alleged political views."