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Topic subjectActually that analogy was gross
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26035, Actually that analogy was gross
Posted by Solarus, Sun Nov-21-04 03:34 PM
Here's why:

1. Afrikan Americans don't have no semblance of nationalism because they have no land.

2. Afrikan Americans don't have an entire country where they run politically, economically and socially.

3. Afrikan Americans don't have a country where they can determine who can become a citizen and who can't.

4. The Klan can and do burn crosses in their own communities/rallies with no repercussions.

5. Afrikan Americans don't get 5 billion dollars a year in free taxpayers money.

Let's not even consider the fact that the Confederate Flag is still in some Southern states flags.

Oh yeah we don't even have a Holocaust (Maafa) museum in the nation's capitol...

Like I said, gross analogy.

Do Better.