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26024, read again.
Posted by zewari, Sun Nov-21-04 02:37 PM
I was clearly referring to Henry Ford's papers when I said there were FULLY CITED references to very interesting JEWISH SOURCES that provide valuable insight into understanding the subject. By Jewish sources, I mean articles and books and speech experts by Jews regarding zionism. I made no mention of the protocols as being such a source. Don't twist my words (intentionally or otherwise).

>>2. the Henry Ford piece cannot be compared to Mein Kompf.
>>you're making a fallacious association in arguing that point
>Nope, Im saying what I said before. Bring up known
>anti-semites and racists and you discredit your own point.
>Now you can argue the toss all you like, you have offended
>me. That is an emotional thing. People in my family died as
>a result of the sorts of shit you are peddling now.

Man seriously shut the fuck up with this accusation of me peddling anything. I understand why this is an emotional subject for you and everything, but that doesn't excuse you from the mistake of illogically assuming I support everything in this article or the Henry Ford piece 100%. Don't substitute the words in either articles to be representative of my opinions. It might help you to get a second opinion as to what little I HAVE WRITTEN on the Henry Ford papers to balance your emotionally dictated perceptions. I don't post here to seek respect or validation from you or anyone else on these forums, so telling me I've lost yours doesn't affect me in anyway, but thanks for informing me nonetheless. I post what I do to share information that is otherwise overlooked, and the main reason why I posted this article was because it reported the suppression of one Spanish city's visible protest against Ariel Sharon's government. Does that mean I endorse 100% of everything that's written in the piece? NO. But again, I've read the Aztlan before and I've seen their position on the Protocols, so my understanding of the author's context in it was to say that the actions of the Israeli government in this Spanish town and Mexico City (when Mossad agents were busted plotting to blow up the Mexican parliament) lives up to the course of action endorsed by the assumedly unauthenticated Protocols. Its sorta like how a lot of people in the U.S. would make references to Willie Lynch to elaborate on the systematic oppression of black people (even though the Willie Lynch speech's was proven to be false). Despite the article's author's intentions, do I agree with what he wrote? No.

And not that this matters but i'll answer your questions anyway.

>Have you ever been to Palestine?

No. I have close friends who are peace activists that are there now.

>Do you know any Israelis?

Yes. Many, including former soldiers in the IDF. I had a roomate who was a former IDF commando that had trained IDF soldiers, and had personally been involved in numerous raids. I also know several former soldiers who've fought in the 6-day war and the so-called "war for independence".

>Any Palestinians?

Yes. Many.

>Any Holocaust survivors?


>I have been there, I
>know people from all of those groups. If you like, I can get
>them all to come here and post that what you are saying is
>offensive and innapropriate. I think an apology is in order,
>and I think that you should consider what you post a bit

I am not going to appologize for anything I've done unless I've offended anyone with my own words and/or actions. If you're hypersensitivity leads you to take offense over people POSTING ARTICLES, then you need to get over yourself. This is BULLSHIT and once you let it sink in, you'll realize it too. The ONLY WAY I would ever appologize is if I've ever said/written or behaved in any manner that is unequivocally bigotted.