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Topic subjectHow so?
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26023, How so?
Posted by insanejake, Sun Nov-21-04 01:56 PM
>you are reacting off of shear emotion. again...
That isnt how you spell sheer, and I have a reason to be emotional.

>1. this article wasn't posted to validate the protocols. it
>was posted to show how one Spanish town's effort at
>protesting Ariel Sharon's government was stiffled by zionist

Inside the article were various anti-jewish statements, culminating in referring people back to that classic piece of anti-semitism: "the protocols" which you said people should read as there was information to be taken from it. Im saying, there is information to be taken from a lot of things. Why pick the most offensive ones you can find?

>2. the Henry Ford piece cannot be compared to Mein Kompf.
>you're making a fallacious association in arguing that point

Nope, Im saying what I said before. Bring up known anti-semites and racists and you discredit your own point. Now you can argue the toss all you like, you have offended me. That is an emotional thing. People in my family died as a result of the sorts of shit you are peddling now. Have you ever been to Palestine? Do you know any Israelis? Any Palestinians? Any Holocaust survivors? I have been there, I know people from all of those groups. If you like, I can get them all to come here and post that what you are saying is offensive and innapropriate. I think an apology is in order, and I think that you should consider what you post a bit harder.