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Topic subjectRead Mein Kampf
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26021, Read Mein Kampf
Posted by insanejake, Sun Nov-21-04 01:26 PM
there are some pretty interesting points to be gleaned from that. Read some Klan literature. There is some decent scientific data to be gained from Menglers experiments as well.

The reason this is emotive is because some people in my family still bear the scars of the holocaust. They were killed because the germans found it easy to believe shit that was peddled by the likes of Ford and those racist fucks who wrote the protocols. The fact that you are posting these at all frightens me. Im not surpressing anti-zionist feeling, I read the Guardian for fucks sake.

Im sure the Crusaders believed this sort of shit about muslims then.

This is similar to posting the 'anthropology' done by slavers and saying there is legitimate stuff to be learnt from it. Thats as maybe, but no one on this site wants to read about it.