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26002, no its not
Posted by rubadubdub, Sun Nov-21-04 12:08 AM
This really hurts, this really really hurts. This hurts me because I agree with you on so many issues. I dont always post, but I read and I sympathise. I have a few times in my activism been accused of being anti-semetic and that hurts too because I am sincereley not. I believe in a one state solution, a democracy for all, with a heavy emphasis on restitution towards the palestinian refugees and their descendants. I also believe palestinians are morally right, though not strategically, in doing whatever they can to fight for their sovereignty, violence included.

Everything you just posted about Nazi tactics and the similarity between them and the Zionists I have heard and most I believe to be true; however, that article crosses a line in its rhetoric. I don't think you understand the awful importance that the protocols of the elders of zion had. Like Mein Kampf, it was used as an ideological basis for genocide. This article, and ones like it, does far more harm to the Palestinian cause then good. It paints US anti-Zionist activists as either ignorant of historical antisemetism and oppression or as actual perpetrators. This only ads fuel to the fire. The rhetoric of anti-Zionism needs to be taken far away from the rhetoric of anti semetism for it to ever be worth anything.

Fuck it, nationalism is not some inclusive bullshit like you say it is. It's awful and usually quite brutal especially when tied to colonialism. Israel is a nationalist Jewish state. Jewish not as a religion but as a nation. It is for the most part secular, but racist. Many Zionists see their nationalist movement not unlike many black naitonalists see theirs. You're not going to convince an arab/muslim nationalist that he's wrong by calling him a backwards satanist sandnigger and you're not going to turn a woman off feminism by telling her she's acting up like a cunt. And you're definitely not gonna do anything worthwhile in the middle east by talking about "WORLD JEWRY and their insidious CONTROL OF THE WORLD ECONOMY especially if you're bringing up the goddamn fucking protocols of the elders of Zion. I looked at Aztlan; it's nothing special.

Blaming American global imperialism: economic, militarily and culturally, on the Zionists (read Jews) is a fucking unfortunate lie and is repeating a pattern of scapegoating that goes back centuries.

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