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Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Tue Dec-30-03 11:37 AM
well best of luck pulling through and i certainly hope your girl doesnt leave you on top of all that bullshit. i am very sorry about your father and also your accident, i would also recommend finding someone either close to you or who is some sort of professional about it. it's good to hear you are holding up reasonably well considering all this, but it makes it all no less terrible nor you in no less need of help coping with it (anyone would be).

as for the student aid stuff, you should make a separate post about that with some details, with all the students on this board i am sure people would be willing to offer suggestions and even help since a fair number of them work within universities. i'd also contact the FAFSA folks about it, i cant really get a feel for your specific situation but if there is a breach of federal guidelines i imagine something can be done.