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Topic subjectPeace to you
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2618, Peace to you
Posted by Nettrice, Tue Dec-30-03 03:30 AM
>Pretty affectless, for fear of what the affect might be. In
>the last couple of months, I've had three occurrences that
>would have normally pushed me over the edge (I have bipolar

So does my mother...and probably more folks in my family are undiagnosed or carry the trait.

>As such, no one close
>to me has really wanted to talk about the various issues
>that go along with all this

I hope that you find someone to talk to even if you have to seek them out. That's probably the hardest step at least it was for me at age 12 and again at age 27 but the last time was easier because I had already taken the biggest step.

>All this said, one of the most debilitating things for me
>has been the everyday psychic violence that permeates our
>culture. War. Consumerism. Vast injustices. You all
>probably know what I mean. But that's just pushing me
>deeper into a shell. So far, I've been able to maintain
>composure, but a total lack of affect and focus is starting
>to take its toll.

I recommend "The Adversity Quotient" because it specifically focuses on learned helplessness as a phenomenon and strategies to deal with adversity and even how to turn adversity into opportunities.