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Topic subjectAt the breaking point...
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2607, At the breaking point...
Posted by Nettrice, Mon Dec-29-03 06:39 PM
...I know when to regroup and seek peace of mind. I guess I've been close to the point of no return and made my way back, so I know that there is an invisible line that I seldom cross anymore.

I think the reason people are reluctant to discuss their psychological (and often spiritual) issues is for fear of ridicule or rejection or even abandonment. Who wants to be sensitive and vulnerable when the outside world is anything but?

When I was 12, I was hospitalized for severe depression and most of my family did not visit me and few (if any) wanted to talk about why I needed intervention. They thought it was a way to get attention but they did not realize how close I was to suicide. Also, they did not want to discuss alcoholism and the bi-polar/manic depressives in the family. So everyone walked around in denial. I voluntarily sought help for myself and that was seen as just plain "selfish".

Over 20 years later, I have not had a need to see a therapist or psychiatrist except for a short time five years ago when work and life was a bit too stressful. I'll seek help in a minute but I think I've found the way to peace that works for me. I meditate and practive yoga sometimes but mostly I write and talk to people.