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2606, moi aussi
Posted by Kinetic Koala, Tue Dec-30-03 07:05 PM
A lot of people tell me a get too caught up in my thoughts, but I really feel that it's warranted..... cause i'm not thinking about what color to paint my nails, rather, serious world issues that effect many people and HOW these people react to stuff....

It gives me a headache sometimes..... also tends to make me a little cynical at other times.... sometimes I worry about my mental health but I try not to wallow in it because I don't want to become that self-absorbed.... ever.

Nice to see someone else thinks about this stuff....


Just keep thinking about it.

"Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?" -Alfred Lord Tennyson

"Life has its way of teaching us.
Life has its way of confusing us.
Life has its way of changing us.
Life has its way of astonishing us.
Life has its way of hurting us.
Life has its way of curing us.
Life has its way of inspiring us." -Y Tu Mama Tambien