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Topic subjectRE: that isnt that unusual/my only real hangup
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2603, RE: that isnt that unusual/my only real hangup
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Tue Dec-30-03 11:23 AM
that isnt that unusual, being preoccupied is pretty common though with what tends to vary of course. almost everyone i know myself included is guilty of losing a convo and wandering off on a mental tangent at least now and then, myself included.

but as far as that is concerned, i was talking with a friend about something similar the other day. do any of you ever get the feeling like you are looking ahead too much? i find myself that way a lot, even now that at this very moment i dont really have shit to do (recently graduated college, taking a year off to travel and sell some crap i dont need, all in all pretty stress free). it's like i keep thinking about doing something more significant that keeps me from enjoying the moment, then what that event comes along i almost feel exhausted from thinking about it so goddamn much, and once i get rejuvenated i just start thinking about the next thing. how is this for fucked up: i was thinking about catching a plane two days later while i was having sex a couple weeks ago! what the fuck!?!

it gets even worse when i am in school, i had a pretty easy time in terms of the work and since we were on the quarter system i always waited til the last second to write papers and bullshit to get as many details/suggestions from class as possible. i swear, if i wasnt smoking pot every waking hour of my life for three years thinking about what i had to do in coming days would have turned my hair grey and shit.

i dunno if this is an anxiety problem or what, but sometimes i wonder...

also, grimm, do you work with mentally "ill" people regularly and if so what do you do? i noticed your bipolar day clinic mention below, just curious. i know this older cat who is bipolar and while i am generally very skeptical about the adminstration of drugs he is one of the sterling examples of how lithium can work wonders, i am curious what your experience has been with medicating bipolarity and other disorders.