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Topic subjectI'm whack...
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2599, I'm whack...
Posted by soulgyal, Mon Dec-29-03 06:26 PM
And it just goes to show cause i used the word "whack".

Never had it tested or anything, but I bet if i were to have it tested, I'd learn a few unsuprising facts about myself.

I think when it comes to my mental health, i can blame/thank my parents, and too many books, and the tons of solitary time i just had to lie in spots and think. People actually tell me I think too much...and folks end up snapping me out of it, cause I also get lost in thoughts in the most awkward times...Like right in the middle of conversations.

Hmm...but I doubt any "half-sensible" person doesn't have a lil' somethin goin' on upstairs.