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Topic subjectRE: god cant be evil?
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25667, RE: god cant be evil?
Posted by BarTek, Sun Mar-20-05 12:35 PM
>from the perspective of who? certain religions perhaps..
>other religions god is all knowing both good and bad.. so god
>and the devil are not that split.. where its crosses over etc
>for sure man im not the one to ask.. i could only begin to
>process that information maybe 20 years from now id have part
>of the answer.

by your logic we are all cells in the organism which is god. we have the choice between evil and good, which god is too. therefore, if we choose too much evil, and we are within god, as god is that too and has created us, we shall kill god along with our own destruction. so, even that logic is reflective of what i am saying, but i think my logic is closer to the side of the objective philosopher. i know objectivity is impossible, but a social objectivity, not a total one is what im referring to. "god can't be evil" as in, "can't let god be evil", so by that logic, we are holding the cards. as along with our own destruction, we destroy the world with it, and who knows what else, as whatever we percieve, is only a fragment of what truly exists. also, what i am saying, is that we are tools devised by god, because god does not understand the "disease" within "god"...is only aware of its destructive nature.

>but your original more powerful than god? not exactly sure. as
>powerful perhaps. but it would take alot.. oh and that umm
>stuff like aging might make it a problem..

more powerful, in the sense that human beings are dual and have a choice in directing things on the physical plane.


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