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Topic subjectI don't care for arguing either
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25654, I don't care for arguing either
Posted by Tariq3, Tue Mar-22-05 03:29 PM
nor have I asked you to engage in argument. Rather I've asked you state your point of view since you took time to combat my point. I've presented nothing but a rational argument. While I will definitely agree that true faith at times goes beyond what man can reason. However, we can also take an approach that falls in the way of basic reasoning.

Islam is for people who reflect. Which is why I can't understand how a person that believes in God could reduce God to being below his own creation. That doesn't make any sense. The one that created all things can be overpowered by his creation? You don't think that's rhetoric and poor logic and reasoning?

The one that created the basic matter of life, created every creature, every plant, water, etc. Is lower than a creature that can't even control himself? C'mon...we don't give God his just measure. We don't hold God in the right estimate.