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Posted by BarTek, Thu Mar-17-05 05:55 PM
>but if i can't "know" what it is to be a woman, i can still
>defeat one, no? i see the point you're trying to make, but
>you're kind of all over the place. you use one argument to
>make a point, then knock the leg out from under that argument
>to make another point. you say God can't know evil because he
>is the complete opposite. yet then you say he is omnipotent.
>is it inconceivable to think that an omnipotent being could
>learn what evil is? and you also don't consider the fact that
>perhaps supreme power is overcoming one's duality; that God is
>a being that conquered duality.

Can you defeat a woman? Women have experienced some of the greatest hardship in this world, and continue to do so. Yet, women are still strong. So, yes, you may kill one woman, but you will never defeat women. We are not speaking about us though, we are speaking about god. I don't think it is illogical to say that God cannot defeat Evil, even though he is omnipotent. God may have unlimited influence, in whatever he is, and understands. And perhaps, god's influence, ends where evil begins. As god is supposed to be Pure, and not Evil.

I am not sure if supreme power is overcoming duality. I don't think we can escape or overcome duality. I think we are dual beings, by the simple thought vs. perception. However, I do see your point and I acknolwedge that, yes, God may have conquered his duality, but, if God conquered duality, why is there need for duality in his creations? We are born dual, do you agree, or disagree?


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