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Posted by BarTek, Thu Mar-17-05 04:46 PM
>>>God has no conception of something s/he is the equal
>opposite force to
>how could God define what s/he is without knowing what s/he
>isn't? if you are what you aren't, you know what it is you're

Right. God knows he is not Evil. Yet, he cannot defeat evil, because there is no trace of Evil within God. How can God fight something he does not comprehend? Wouldn't you need to know your enemy, in order to defeat it? What better tool than human beings, to discover evil, and how it operates, etc.

i'm not a female, i don't have breasts, but i know what
>it is to be female.

You don't know what it is to be female. You only have ideas, which, you were exposed to in a social world. A female will never understand what it is to be a man, and a man will not understand what it is a female, simply because, neither is two at once. Or, one for a bit, and then the other.

why would God not know what it is to be
>evil (assuming of course that the definition of God is that he
>is good). and as mentioned, you assume that duality is the
>basis of power.

god cannot not know what it is to be evil, because he is in theory, the exact opposite. does a positive charge know, what it's like to be a negative charge? also, i don't think duality is the basis of power. i think the experience of duality, is the basis of knowledge, experience, and action, if taken. i am trying to say, that human beings are special, and that we cannot rely on God to defeat evil, but must rely on ourselves, and our own gifts, that were given to us, by "god", all in theory ofcourse. in those gifts, we can either believe in god or not (free will). and so, here is where the power comes in, we are more powerful than god, because we can either believe or not, enter hell (metaphor) or not, experiment with evil, and use it, or not. we have choice, so, in a sense we are a special tool, as we are aware of our own existence, and our abilities, and we can choose where we stand. and to build on this, jesus was human. why would god send a HUMAN son to suffer? was jesus, a tool? most people would say yes. why would god need a tool? if god is all powerful, why does he need a HUMAN tool? a man, to come and experience evil, and then die?


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If you can't respect that, your whole perspective is whack
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