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25624, RE: the fundemental flaw...
Posted by BarTek, Wed Mar-16-05 02:06 AM
>and i stated this above. why is the ability to experience
>duality make us stronger than god? perhaps it is this duality
>that makes us weaker!

Well, as I suggested in a reply. It is possible, that we are a tool, devised by god, to test duality, or to, experiment with it, learn it, observe, etc. Why? Perhaps, evil does exist, yet god cannot defeat evil, as god cannot even have the slightest conception of it, beyond it's destructive force. How can a God, that is free from all evil, have the slightest notion of it? According to my logic, god can only be aware of it's destructive force, but not it's structure or construction. If god, who is taught to be free from evil, had a conception of it, he could simply, eliminate it. Yet, if god is FREE of evil, and possibly not all knowing, and perhaps vulnerable to evil because evil is outside the realm of god, than god has a weakness. and that is evil, which means, god's death. I am suggesting that human beings were created in order to observe and experiment with evil, as physical beings, who share an important connection with god. So, if evil is to destroy us, evil will destroy god. perhaps, human beings are the doubled edged sword. we are capable of evil, and destruction to what is evil, and to what is good. the problem may be the imbalance of our emotions, etc etc. we are free willed, and therefore, if we are truly a weapon or tool created by god, we are free thinking, and able to defeat evil, without god's help. once again, god has no conception of evil beyond it's destructive force, meaning, that we are on the front lines, acting free from god's hand, as how can god fight something, god does not understand? therefore, we are specil in such a way, as we have the power to defeat evil, as we are here, experimenting with it, using it, and so on. we are here on this world, as those that are bleeding and dying. will any believer in god ever say, "god is dead", i don't think so. so, let us assume that god is alive, but, not here, because if god were here, god would be killed. we are natural creations, such as animals, so even if we do not want to believe we come from god, we come from nature, as we reflect very pure and beautiful things that nature is ample with. however, we are special, as we are different to animals. we are political animals. there is surely a reason for that, don't you think?


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If you can't respect that, your whole perspective is whack
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