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Topic subjectno, we are not.
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25621, no, we are not.
Posted by LK1, Tue Mar-15-05 02:09 PM
>i think yes. human beings are able to experience duality and
>god cannot.

Depends what religion you affiliate yourself with. In Christianity, Jesus was tempted as a human being, meaning God gave Himself the capacity to sin. Be careful when you say that God "cannot" do or experience something, because He is omnipotent.

if god was able to experience duality, god
>wouldn't be god. god would be human.

ehem... exactly. God is omnipotent, so He COULD, perceivably, become human and experience duality and save the planet.

how can god be in any way
>related to duality, or the nature of evil, if god is the cure
>to evil. evil cannot cure evil. so god cannot be evil.

God has choice. God can be evil. God chooses not to be evil because God is intelligent.

if we
>are able to experience duality, and god is not. why not? or

God can and God did.