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Posted by Nettrice, Tue Mar-15-05 03:14 PM
>well, i don't think the experience of fear or trust/compassion
>is strictly associated with duality. as far as duality is

Duality is good/evil, love/hate, trust/fear, etc. and nature governs all that and everything in between. I use nature and universe interchangeably. It goes beyond earth. We are limited in our understanding of this and that is why people meditate or pray. We want to feel that connection or communicate with what we cannot see, what is beyond the physical. This is where duality comes from. All living things are a part of that.

> we do have a nature.
>can you classify our nature?

No and I do not care or have a need to classify it. That's what faith is. I have seen men (and women) mess things up as they attempt to label or classify nature. They look for logic or evidence because it's what they can understand in their world. Nature is so much more than that.

>Whether it will work or not. It's the natural course that
>humans took. This is all a natural course, unless we are apart
>from nature.

We choose whether to live in harmony with nature or not. Regardless, we have to deal with the consequences of these choices. The universe will continue to flow.

>Well, I see a lot of logic in that. Apart from the vision,
>which is art, and only a narrow scope into what it promised.
>When I read these arguments, they rarely provide any insight
>or direction to how it is attained.

When I was a kid I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with nature. I used to go out and sit, butterflies would cover my arms, ants would sting my legs, I would step on some of the ants...this awareness of harmony in nature is something I bring with me. It's my core. There is no how.

>Human beings have evolved, and with
>them their standard of living, technology, (faith), etc. How
>do we return into a simplistic way of life?

I have no problem with technology except for when it destroys living things. We use everything to destroy life, from the atom to pollution. Technology is just a tool and we have not evolved all that much. We are edging closer to destruction. Evolution implies progress or growth.