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Posted by BarTek, Tue Mar-15-05 10:19 AM
>>i think yes. human beings are able to experience duality
>>god cannot.
>God is not human and you can thank The Great Chain of Being
>for confusing folks. All animals can experience what you call
>"duality" because this is part of the same universal flow that
>makes the rest of nature change. This is the reason why
>animals can sense fear or trust/compassion. It the sense of
>connection we feel with nature...well some of us feel it.

well, i don't think the experience of fear or trust/compassion is strictly associated with duality. as far as duality is concerned, i am speaking about good & evil. i am not sure if animals are capable of evil. i think animals are more in tune with the organism of earth. so are we, but we are not identical to earth or animals. we function on planes outside of "nature", as in tree's and so on. yet, we do have a nature. can you classify our nature?

>>how can god be in any way
>>related to duality, or the nature of evil, if god is the
>>to evil. evil cannot cure evil. so god cannot be evil. if we
>>are able to experience duality, and god is not. why not? or
>God is nature and transcends this world (the only thing we
>think we know). What we experience is a drop in the bucket as
>far as what is happening in the universe, thus, our drive to
>travel the cosmos, to clone, to control the environment. We
>want to be what we don't even understand. We are forever
>stuck with our limitations, trying to place God in our own
>framework. It'll never work...we can only destroy ourselves.
>Duality (and free will) gives us a choice.

Whether it will work or not. It's the natural course that humans took. This is all a natural course, unless we are apart from nature.

>"In the Age of Perfect Virtue, men lived among the animals and
>birds as members of one large family. There were no
>distinctions between "superior" and "inferior" to separate one
>man or species from another. All retained their natural
>Virtue and lived in a state of pure simplicity...

>In the Age of Perfect Virtue, wisdom and ability were not
>singled out as extraordinary. The wise were seen merely as
>higher branches on humanity's tree, growing a little closer to
>the sun (Great Chain). People behaved correctly without
>knowing that to be Righteous and Propriety....
>They did not concern themselves with Justice, as there was no
>injustice. Living in harmony with themselves, each other, and
>the world, their actions left no trace and so we have no
>physical evidence of their existence." - Benjamin Hoff
>This Age of Perfect Virtue is also the "Garden of Eden" in the
>Bible. It is in Asian texts, as well. How is it that we base
>our humanity on this story but have no evidence of it? It
>gives us something to attain or strive for. This is one side
>of who we are. The other becomes more and more manipulative
>and violent towards the earth and more socially and
>spiritually limited. Life is becoming more miserable and we
>need something else to balance this. Thus, the need to attain
>a state of Perfect Virtue. This who thing or process is part
>of a Divine, universal flow-- all of it. The more separate we
>become the more unbalanced and destructive.

Well, I see a lot of logic in that. Apart from the vision, which is art, and only a narrow scope into what it promised. When I read these arguments, they rarely provide any insight or direction to how it is attained. Also, it seems we are attempting to "return" to. Human beings have evolved, and with them their standard of living, technology, (faith), etc. How do we return into a simplistic way of life? I'm sure it is possible, but how long would it take, and what would the consequence be.


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