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Topic subjectmight be an atheist perspective....
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25587, might be an atheist perspective....
Posted by akon, Tue Mar-15-05 01:05 AM
well, i believe that human beings created god out of need. we needed someone to blame for our inadequacies and god became the easy crutch. (i know.. this sounds cartesian. but..) god is the explanation for why we are what we are. and for why the earth and everything in it is ours to exploit. out of the idea of a benevolent creator was born the idea of a malevolent being =evil. to whom we can blame for temptations or for our failings. but its all to justify the things we do. so that we are flawed human beings in the first place, we cant help it, we are born with innate flaws in the first place. blame..... (insert your favourite female diety/persona/mythfigure, etc.)

Even salvation becomes a promise of a change, we cease to become human, instead we are flawless godlike creatures (again the refusal to accept humanity as is). we get to leave this earth and go somewhere else. god becomes a promise of something better..

so yeah, i think human beings are more powerful than god. not out of anything we do. but because god is our creation/idea

and im basing this, of course on the five major religions. i dont know much about indigenous religious thought. and most of these ideas stem from reading books like ishmael, descartes the method, the bible etc. (gotta give credit where credit is due),

and my religious ed. instructor who never quite explained just how xtianity benefitted africa and africans..

>i think yes. human beings are able to experience duality and
>god cannot. if god was able to experience duality, god
>wouldn't be god. god would be human. how can god be in any way
>related to duality, or the nature of evil, if god is the cure
>to evil. evil cannot cure evil. so god cannot be evil. if we
>are able to experience duality, and god is not. why not? or
>This is the life I chose, or rather the life that chose me
>If you can't respect that, your whole perspective is whack
>Maybe you'll love me when I fade to black
>If you can't respect that, your whole perspective is whack
>Maybe you'll love me when I f