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Posted by BarTek, Fri Mar-18-05 12:36 AM
>So basically your saying that because we are the key tool in
>destroying evil or good that this particular position places
>us above Satan and God(because we could be used as tools to
>destroy either). I'm inclined to think that maybe you could
>argue that the combined force of both the Negative or Positive
>and the key tool is greater than the negative or positive
>force alone.

I agree 100%. It may be difficult to incorporate and understand that living in total goodness, or what one may percieve as total goodness, may be damaging to soul/energy/body/mind/etc etc. I think, it's much more difficult to live a balanced and seemingly heavenly life if one is stationary and stedfast in their existence. I have met some that travel, both land and mental plane, investigate many ideas, and allow their personal ideal to evolve, and therefore, live in seeming and happy balance, not being restrained by "evil". However for some, and many times previously me too, and I'm sure in the future again, as one reaches a level of purity and goodness, it is difficult to maintain that state, in a world, that is distracting from peace. However, the detachment from purity and goodness, which any dual being has to face and accept, may be too difficult. We are in a state of flux/war, so it is easier to remain in a state of angst/anxiety than it is peace. If the program was PEACE, we would be peaceful.

Humans alone are still clean slates waiting for
>influence like a rowboat in an ocean.

I agree but, that depends on who is going to influence the flow. I don't think God will, so we are waiting and accepting a certain course for nothing if we continue to wait for that.

>My theory: God is all and emcompasses the absolute "nadir" (if
>you choose to look at it that way) of existence, which is
>Evil(Satan), as well as the greatest good(Christ). God is
>absolute good, evil, and everything else that "exists". Every
>atom is apart of a system that is God. Thus God can experience
>duality because, the nature of God, both good and evil, is

I don't think nature is dualistic, as animals show us that some kill, and some die, in order to maintain the life cycle. Human beings kill in order to satisfy greed. I think there is a difference, and I think the actual term 'dualistic' should be applied with more care. We cannot simply sweep everything into a nutshell and call it Nature, or 'God' because 'Nature', and 'God' are two very different things. God is a social construct, which constructs norms, beliefs, value's. And Nature, is an eco construct, which constructs natural process and the motion of blood in the body. Nature is universal, and culture (norms, beliefs, value's) is subjective. Meaning, nature is universal as a man in an igloo, will investigate, and construct his habitat, just as a man in china will, however, the difference in that construction, is influenced by SOCIAL inclination, or subjective norms, beliefs, and values. In that sense, God is a subjective being, that is portrayed as an Objective Omnipotent being, that encompasses all which I think is incorrect. Perhaps, Nature encompasses God, and God, just as us is contained by something, truly beyond comprehension and actually omnipotent. God is subjective, because God affects all levels of human life and society, however, it does not govern Animals, as by our standards, animals are not even allowed to go enter the same heaven. Clearly, even in our own social construct, we have ironically proven that Nature and God are two different things, and perhaps all that I just said, is the natural process that can be found between the two, a natural relationship, that neither GOD, nor Nature understands. Such as a positive charge, and a negative charge. However, we are human beings, and thus we are on a plane, that is the see saw between the two. I think if we continue to wait for nature or god, we will never attain peace, or the balance between duality.


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If you can't respect that, your whole perspective is whack
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