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Posted by Whateva, Tue Mar-15-05 01:02 AM
So basically your saying that because we are the key tool in destroying evil or good that this particular position places us above Satan and God(because we could be used as tools to destroy either). I'm inclined to think that maybe you could argue that the combined force of both the Negative or Positive and the key tool is greater than the negative or positive force alone. Humans alone are still clean slates waiting for influence like a rowboat in an ocean.

My theory: God is all and emcompasses the absolute "nadir" (if you choose to look at it that way) of existence, which is Evil(Satan), as well as the greatest good(Christ). God is absolute good, evil, and everything else that "exists". Every atom is apart of a system that is God. Thus God can experience duality because, the nature of God, both good and evil, is dualistic.