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Topic subjectPART III---The REAL BOMB DROPPING begins...
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25550, PART III---The REAL BOMB DROPPING begins...
Posted by MALACHI, Wed Mar-23-05 05:31 PM
He said "You are such a creative, talented people in so many different ways...other races would do anything to possess your talents."

I asked him to be specific, he continued: "Your people have always been the greatest public speakers in the history of this country...Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson Malcolm X and the man who eventually took his place...what is his name? (He meant Louis Farrakhan) The preacher with the space in his teeth who has the big church here in town...(He meant T. D. Jakes)Forget their individual messages, all of these were and are brilliant, charismatic, people. Whether people agree with what they are saying or not people are drawn to listen. Whenever the famous King speech is played on television ALL PEOPLE stop and listen."

I asked him what his point was. He said "You people have beautiful speaking voices, a natural rhythm when you talk that is easy to listen to as you know...and how often do you people coin phrases that all of society adopts? Do you know how much Fortune 500 companies pay for good MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS that people will remember? 10, 15, 20, sometimes $50K for seminars. This is an industry you SHOULD DOMINATE"

He went on..."The most popular singers and musicians in this country have always been Black, with the exception of maybe Elvis(he said it like L-Bis...lol) and the Beatles. Rap music is the most popular music in the world right now...why are you people not running this business? Is it not YOUR MUSIC? Why do you let the Jews and whites take it from you?"

Then he talked about sports, and BLEW. MY. MIND.
"When I watch a sporting event on T.V., almost all of the participants are Black...football...basketball...baseball too, even though many of them consider themselves "Latin". Hockey, the sport with the least Black participants is the LEAST popular...their season has been cancelled, and nobody really even cares. All of this country's most popular, most visible athletes are Black. You people had your own baseball league, but you left it when white people let a few of you go play with them in the 'big leagues' with them. And your athletes were much better than theirs if things are like today. You left a goldmine. The sports industry SHOULD BE CONTROLLED BY YOU. Americans ARE CRAZY for sports, even with the economy bad for the past few years, most sporting events are sold out. You people have the country in the palms of your hands and don't even know it."

I piped up at this point, and said "Well Mr. Kim, there are getting to be more and more Black coaches in pro sports, and Black businessmen are trying to buy sports franch...",

He cut me off with the QUICKNESS and said: "You are far too SMART to give such a STUPID ANSWER. I am shocked at how SHORT-SIGHTED you are being, this is not like you." I sat there with my mouth open.

He continued: "Coaching a team IS NOTHING. Most coaches make less money than the 'star' players they coach...and don't be so DUMB as to confuse owning a team with controlling an industry. If Asians had as many athletes and former athletes as Blacks in professional sports, we would not own 'a team', we would own them ALL---not only that, we would own the stadiums, we would own the restaurants in the stadiums, we would own the companies that maintain the stadiums, we would own the businesses around the stadium, we would own the companies that provide the uniforms and shoes. Look at all of the Black people that wear the team shirts (he meant jerseys) of Black athletes, and white people wear them too. Look at all the people who buy Nike, Adidas, and Reebok shoes because your athletes wear them. Do you profit one dime because of this? Why do you people NOT SEE these things? They are right IN FRONT of your eyes. Why are you BLIND TO THEM??? TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES... stop worrying about INTEGRATING...you are the only people in this country concerned with such FOOLISHNESS."

I almost passed out.