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Topic subjectHe is so right, and i feel that integration played a big part in
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25549, He is so right, and i feel that integration played a big part in
Posted by FireBrand, Wed Mar-23-05 12:21 PM
this. Again, I don't believe you can legislate certain things. You kinda just have to make sure that people aren't intimidated or terrorized, but I feel government should not be in the social climate business.

Other cultures might have assimilation, but they were FORCED to work together because each other is all they had. You look at the movements that propelled black causes forward and you can see great minds, and leaders take advantage of an infrastructure in place largely due to segregation: Black colleges, Black Clergy, Black Business.

This is still possible today, but the infrastruture is in shambles. We have to rebuild this first, in my opinion. Internal reparations.


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