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Topic subjectI though he sounded particularly UN-Republican when
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25545, I though he sounded particularly UN-Republican when
Posted by MALACHI, Wed Mar-23-05 02:52 PM
he was talking about not being fooled by the fact that some brothers and sisters have "positions" in government and big business. Matter of fact when I talk to Conservatives, Black and White, that is what they point to and say "LOOK!!! Oprah is a BILLIONAIRE!!! Bob Johnson just bought a basketball team!!! JAY-Z has a private jet!!! Michael Lee-Chin has banks from Canada to Jamaica!!! Look at Clarence, Condi and Colin!!! Racism has gone the way of the dinosaur!!!

You know how they do...and we, like dummies, forsake all the hard work our ancestors started and don't continue to carry the torch, Meanwhile every other ethnic group(who haven't experienced nearly what we have) continues to make sure they roll as A UNIT.