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Topic subjectoh boy.
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25529, oh boy.
Posted by suave_bro, Wed Mar-23-05 12:37 PM
fine then. I will take you back to that article that was posted by someone in regards to women in islam leading prayers. a man in the article stated that women who lead prayers should be hung. is this the proper mentallity of men of islamic faith? do you agree? if this isn't the "Standard" then what is?

somebody who doesnt know anything about islam will read that and infer that you all are oppressive to your women. if your response to them is "you dont know what you speak on", then here is your chance (AGAIN) to clarify what the mentallity towards women in islam is.

so far there has been 0 response to the film SUBMISSION by muslims on here, there has been 0 response to the claims and the life of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and after (now the 4th) direct questions about that mans quote in that article, there has been 0 response. if it goes against your religious beliefs to speak on these things then why dont you just say so?