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Topic subjectyou indeed are incredible.
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25527, you indeed are incredible.
Posted by FireBrand, Tue Mar-22-05 10:35 PM
I don't know if you purposely make debates with you impossible or not, but dammit. I quit. I just don't have the energy to reexplain every point in a way that you can't change the subject, adjust my statements slightly so it's a different meaning or just outright lie.

You're like a human filibuster.

Fuck it.
>And they won't. But you never asked why.

- well here is your chance. why wont muslims address that statement?

Noone will address your questions because of the way you ask and debate. Most muslims that aren't Theological scholars will quote Qu'ran, Bible, Torah or Sunnah.

The abbrassive way you tend to approach something we hold as holy will not allow anyone to debate you directly on Islam. As I have YET to do, but you still somehow try to lie and say that I have when I have only mentioned how Islam is NOT responsible for the treatment of the women in these societies in the way that you see it as "mistreatment".

There is a level of respect that would need to be held, and since you haven't proven yourself capable of this you won't get anyone to talk to you about it.

The closest you will prolly get is KID22's responses to Sunggod that u was cosigning on.


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