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25525, *scratches head*
Posted by FireBrand, Tue Mar-22-05 09:29 PM
>>The comment didn't save, but I had it in my profile.
>>Basically I sent Sauve a list of Christian Atrocities world
>>wide because he keeps attacking Islam, and IMO every relgion
>>has it's idiots: North Eastern India terrorist killing
>>and Muslims, The Rwanda Incident,Ireland, And Abortion
>>here in the US (The Eric Rudolphs of the world, etc)
>- the argument was about whether or not christianity condones
>and encourages these behaviors.

This is the url of what started the inbox. You are a liar:http://board.okayplayer.com/okp.php?az=show_topic&forum=4&topic_id=141498

No it wasn't. We weren't having an argument. I just noticed you saying shit, and I said that there are Christians doing the same thing. It's in the "Post like an activist on Religion" post in GD if you don't remember. Check it out. My argument with YOU, not with anyone else was that Islam doesn't encourage misogny, and in fact supports women- that it was cultural norms in practice and not Islam in question here.

nowhere in the bible does it
>say kill or "severely punish" those who do not worship as us,
>it doesn't say anywhere to oppress women either.

You don't know anything about Islam at all do you? I would not attack the Bible because we believe in the Bible as well. We believe in all the same prophets, and we even believe that Jesus is the Messiah. You are baiting me into finding fault with the Bible. I'm not getting into that.

and it
>doesn't condone/or promote abortion at all...and saying that
>shedding light on the plight of muslim women and bringing
>Ayaan Hirsi Ali's story to the boards is not attacking islam.
>and for you to suggest that it says alot about YOU...

Does it? I'm not in a position to debate Qu'ran and Sunnah with you. I'm not a scholar in that regard. I could however debate Bible with you, and since we Muslims use the Bible as a guide, we can do that. But I'm not gonna sully the Bible here.

>>As usual, Suave didn't break down the first three examples,
>>and chose to tackle the abortion jawn. He didn't read
>>I said, so he asked if I was comparing abortion to women
>>victimized in Islam and being sentenced to death. Well, I
>>said that wasn't my point and that IMO abortion itself is
>>worse in comparison to his feelings of women being
>>in Islam" whatever that means.
>- LOL. again, the question was asked (not by myself) in that
>post whether or not ISLAM condoned this mentallity towards its
>females IN ITS DOCTRINE, and there was no response, hell, you
>arent even addressing it now!! very telling.

WHAT are you talking about? My inbox was in repsonse to the post in GD. Are you LYING on me? You are talking about the Bible, and you are LYING? Why would you lie? What made this argument so important that you had to LIE?

>>And that was the crux of it. He said I was crazy for making
>>that statement, but that is neither here nor there.
>- you are comparing abortion (WHICH IS A WOMANS CHOICE TO HAVE
>AN ABORTION OR NOT) to some whacko saying that women should be
>hung for leading prayers in islam.


And they won't. But you never asked why.

but what you HAVE
>done is point the finger @ christianity....seems to me that
>you KNOW these things are wrong to do to women, but instead of
>saying that, you say "look at christianity!!"...well when you
>do that you basically answer the question of whether or not
>you think these women indeed are oppressed. thanks.

I would NEVER attack Christianity. I would only attack the actions of those practicing it. My entire family is comprised of Christians. I am marrying a Christian woman next month, why would I do that when I could easily marry a muslimah if I didn't respect her religion and her ability to raise our children? Come on now. You've mastered this victim thing. stop that.

>>" you cant build and develop shit with the black folks in
>>community in 2005. that statement might shock you but YOU
>>are living proof! your entire agenda's are "afrikan
>>upliftment" yet you all havent uplifted SHIT since the
>>Is THIS all of us here on activist? You gonna take a group
>>activist and just apply it to our board?
>- hold up. are you telling me that you are NOT for the
>upliftment of black people?

Being for the upliftment of black people does not in any way equate with the Black power movement of the 70's. Please compare apples with apples.

>>LOL, I'm a fiscal/moral conservative Jamaican-American
>>Southern Good ole boy. I doubt there was ONE person like me
>>in the ENTIRE movement in the '70's.
>- uhmmm...are you arguing that you arent for the upliftment of
>black people in america?

No, I'm arguing that my approach is different. VERY different.
>> "its because black folks are too busy clubbin', drankin',
>>gettin' krunk, gettin' high...there is NO WAY you can talk
>>about "building" and positivity without addressing these
>>things and "black culture"."
>>Again, you gonna take one group of people and apply it to an
>>entire culture? Wow Suave.
>>Just wow.
>- you took the words right out of my mouth, wow. lets say the
>sake of argument that your argument is true...that there is
>just a very very very very small group of black people who
>have fatherless homes, have HIV/AIDS, look up to thugs and
>ball players, can't save/invest their dollars, loathe
>education and see it as being "white"...if these people dont
>make up the bulk of our community, then what are black people
>doing if they arent doing these things? where are they? school
>me man...show me some statistics where we are thriving in
>schools, we have strong healthy nuclear families, show me
>where we are investing our dollars and making wise
>investments, show me where we are thriving on a national
>scale. please.

HUH? None of that was my argument at ALL. You are doing this for fun aren't you? You can't possibly be serious. You READ what I had to say, and as that is what you extracted from it?

>bottom line: you can talk about "building" and "community
>upliftment" and any other emotionally warm and fuzzy phrase
>you've heard some scholar say at some point in your life all
>you want, but without THE PEOPLE it aint about shit. you are
>just sitting around talking and philosophizing.

Oh. Well, state the obvious.


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