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Topic subjectDamn...I forgot there is a character limit.
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25523, Damn...I forgot there is a character limit.
Posted by FireBrand, Tue Mar-22-05 08:44 PM
The comment didn't save, but I had it in my profile. Basically I sent Sauve a list of Christian Atrocities world wide because he keeps attacking Islam, and IMO every relgion has it's idiots: North Eastern India terrorist killing Hindus and Muslims, The Rwanda Incident,Ireland, And Abortion clinics here in the US (The Eric Rudolphs of the world, etc)

As usual, Suave didn't break down the first three examples, and chose to tackle the abortion jawn. He didn't read what I said, so he asked if I was comparing abortion to women being victimized in Islam and being sentenced to death. Well, I said that wasn't my point and that IMO abortion itself is STILL worse in comparison to his feelings of women being "victimized in Islam" whatever that means IMO- even tho I was refering to the murders,and bombings he neglected to read, and didn't look at the link I gave him.

And that was the crux of it. He said I was crazy for making that statement, but that is neither here nor there.

I put it in my profile thinking that folk would be able to see my views on the subject and that I could refer to it, but I forgot about the character limit.

So there it is...BACK to the argument at hand;

"you mean to tell me you pull a group of people that nobody has
>ever even heard of and compare that to our entire culture? are
>asian kids looking up to this "group?"" (c) Suave_bro

Let's play a game, lets flip these references to what you say about black kids earlier...

"both of you know exactly what that man is talking about. the reason why asians and whoever can network is because they got some fuckin' sense...you cant build and develop shit with the black folks in our community in 2005. that statement might shock you but YOU ALL are living proof! your entire agenda's are "afrikan upliftment" yet you all havent uplifted SHIT since the 70's!!" (c) Suave_bro

Is THIS all of us here on activist? You gonna take a group of activist and just apply it to our board?

LOL, I'm a fiscal/moral conservative Jamaican-American Muslim Southern Good ole boy. I doubt there was ONE person like me in the ENTIRE movement in the '70's.

"its because black folks are too busy clubbin', drankin', gettin' krunk, gettin' high...there is NO WAY you can talk about "building" and positivity without addressing these things and "black culture"." (c) Suave_bro

Again, you gonna take one group of people and apply it to an entire culture? Wow Suave.

Just wow.


...is the asian
>community running around making excuses for this "group?" "oh
>they had rough lives, they didnt have mothers, society bred
>them to be that way!"...does the asian community embrace this
>groups thuggery?...cmon now, you need to do some serious
>editing or you need to just come with a stronger argument.

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