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Topic subjectyall trippin'
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25518, yall trippin'
Posted by suave_bro, Tue Mar-22-05 06:52 PM
both of you know exactly what that man is talking about. the reason why asians and whoever can network is because they got some fuckin' sense.

asians are not running around degrading their women and gunning each other down in the streets. asians ALSO respect the importance of an education and being intelligent (and no, i dont mean intellectual, i mean INTELLIGENT). and no, every black person aint "on the block", but that mentallity? RAMPANT. you cant build and develop shit with the black folks in our community in 2005. that statement might shock you but YOU ALL are living proof! your entire agenda's are "afrikan upliftment" yet you all havent uplifted SHIT since the 70's!! and its not because you all are lackey's and dont know what you're doing, its because black folks are too busy clubbin', drankin', gettin' krunk, gettin' high...there is NO WAY you can talk about "building" and positivity without addressing these things and "black culture". yeah, its ugly and nobody likes to talk about it in the open but its unavoidable if you are gonna SERIOUSLY "build."