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Topic subjectI am right there with you on this:
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25513, I am right there with you on this:
Posted by MALACHI, Wed Mar-23-05 02:32 PM
>black conservatives argue (and i agree) that the bulk of their
>political/social beliefs come from our great grandparents
>(blacks who paved the way for us now)...you already know that
>black folks in america up until the 60's took pride in the
>family, the church, education, moral values, and had a very
>strong work ethic.
I agree with you 1,000%

>yes, we are descendents from africa, that
>is where our ancestory lays. but no matter how hard you close
>your eyes and struggle and fight to get there, our asses are
>here in america. and we DO HAVE a legacy and history here in
>AMERICA and appreciating that does not mean you hate your
>blackness or hate the fact that you are from africa.
This is on point too...but you must admit that a lot of people ar on some SERIOUS "I ain't no African" type stuff...as a matter of fact your boy Jesse Lee Peterson when Cosby's "ranting" was the topic of the day said that he doesn't consider himself "African" OR "African-American", he is just an "American".

>and if
>that makes you a "sellout" or "hate yourself" then i'd argue
>that most black people are sellouts then because your average
>black person does NOT embrace afrocentrism.

>the reason why I asked you if u knew any black conservatives
>is because my ex's father is as black and republican as it
>gets. yet when u walk into their house there was no question
>that a BLACK FAMILY lived there. there were african paintings
>and statues in the living room. a huge map of africa down in
>the basement. this is why I say get the "black
>republican=hates blackness" out of your mind.
Whoever this brother is, I wish he would be so gracious as to allow EVERY BLACK FAMILY IN THIS COUNTRY into his house to see his mode of decor. We need FAMILY-ORIENTED brothers like him who have embraced their African heritage. I would love to talk to the brother. ;-)

>- well one thing I can say about your boss in regards to his
>love for his people and his desire to network and build, is
>that he isn't wearing this as a badge of honor. I doubt your
>boss is going around bragging on what he is doing to everybody
>he runs into.
Depends on who he's talking too...and yeah he does view it as a "badge of honor"...

>when black folks do stuff like this we tend to
>want the world to know what we are doing and we tend to want
>Kudos from everybody as well...I would argue that there are
>black conservatives who are like this (and again, u cant
>network with the "un-networkable" like i said in my response
>below) like my ex's father. no he didnt go around shouting
>down at white people, he wasn't doing a tu-tu dance in a
>daishiki every morning, he isn't wearing red black and green
>everyday but in his heart and mind, his culture and love for
>his race was there.
These comments have some merit...

>and in actuality, running around shouting
>BLACK BLACK", actually HURTS negroes out here. there is a time
>and place for everything. if we are gonna network and build,
>lets do it without fireworks and drawing attention to
>ourselves all the time...
I'm a little torn here...we shouldn't HAVE TO shout about the moves we make, but then again drawing attention to it when we do great things SHOULD BE trumpeted because it doesn't happen nearly enough...