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Posted by MALACHI, Wed Mar-23-05 12:55 PM

>- well first of all I would ask you do you personally know any
>black people that identify themselves as "black conservative."
>then I would ask you if you have ever been in their homes and
>TALKED with them one on one. if you did, you might be suprised
>at how knowledgeable about their history, at what books are on
>their shelves etc.,...this idea that all black conservatives
>care about is money and white people is a myth. seperate
>yourself from that...
Yeah man, I live in DALLAS, TEXAS!!! There are Black Conservatives/Republicans all over this city and state, and what I'm noticing is that many of them are YOUNG. In fact my father's business partner, who is right at 50, and his 22 year-old son who goes to SMU are Black Republicans...they are both real cool. They tell me all the time that I am Republican too, I "just don't realize it." They say this because I always say that I hated to see Black folks act like Clinton was the 2nd coming of Christ...because I am against gay marriage...because I am big on the importance of family...because am anti-abortion...because I think Jesse and Al are media whores...because I have a copy of Rush Limbaugh's "The Way Things Ought To Be"...because I say that Larry Elder was/is on point because he agrees WITH ME that one of the biggest, if not the biggest problem facing Black people in America is illegitimacy...etc. I have to tell them all the time "Republicans/Conservatives don't have a monopoly on morality or the belief that that strong families make strong communities, and strong communities is essential to nation building...those are TRADITIONAL AFRICAN VALUES that we as Black people have gotten away from. These are the VERY THINGS that Malcolm X, John Henrik Clarke, Amos Wilson, Mwalimu Baruti, Marimba Ani and others have BEEN PREACHING..." They say "Awwwww ni__a, here you go with this 'back to Africa sh_t' again, we ain't got time for that sh_t...you ain't NO AFRICAN, you was born IN MISSISSIPPI!!!"(LOL) Seriously though, what REALLY shocks me is that when I bring up Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell, or C. Mason Weaver(who wrote "It's Okay to Leave the Plantation: The New Underground Railroad"...a book that I agreed with MUCH of) they STILL look blank-faced like I'm speaking Greek...

>secondly, it just sounds like your
>manager is a DEEP individual. he has a PERSONAL interest in
>his culture and his language...now, the average black person
>out here regardless of their political beliefs or
>intelligence/education level doesnt know or CARE about where
>they are from, the language they use to speak or their african
>history...why are you riding black conservatives so hard? do
>you hold us to a higher standard than every other black
Yeah, Mr. Kim is MAD DEEP. (btw, he isn't my "manager"...he is the owner of a multi-million dollar corporation) The thing about it is he will tell you point blank that the success of Asian people as a collective is BECAUSE they love their culture, BECAUSE they want to honor the struggles of their ancestors. Correct me if I'm wrong, but not only do Black Conservatives not really show an interest in Afrocentricity, THEY DIS IT either overtly or subtly...and I certainly don't hold Black Conservatives to a "higher standard",(despite the fact that I view some of them as pretty sharp) why would I think a IDIOTS like Jesse Lee Peterson or Ken Hamblin is a grade above ANYBODY? They are 10 times worse than Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton...

>- you saw this in the black community during the early 20th
>century. Im not gonna insult your intelligence by giving you a
>history lesson, u know what im talking about.
Word up...

>- well do you see those FUBU cats doing this? do you see bob
>johnson doing this? oprah? russell simmons? why are you riding
>black conservatives so hard on this...and besides, dont you
>think the problems africans are facing over there are more
>important than trying to financially "build" with them right
Those FUBU cats don't even own FUBU, they sold it to a consortium of Japanese businessmen years ago. Oprah has spent a TON of $$$ on schools in Africa, Russell Simmons is actively involved in the community, and I'm pretty sure Bob Johnson is too...but I don't see them creating any "synergy" that would allow Black people to make power moves COLLECTIVELY. And this is the point of the whole post and Mr. Kim's "lecture". By the way, in my humble opinion, the problems continental Africans are facing and the problems we are facing in the diaspora are symptoms of the same "infection"...but that is a whole 'nother plate of potatoes...