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Posted by suave_bro, Tue Mar-22-05 07:20 PM
>Allow me to clarify, Mr. Kim is DEEP "into" Asian culture,
>despite being here since 1980. When he started gaining
>weight, he immediately stopped eating all "American" food, and
>started practicing Tae Kwon Do again. 2-3 times per year, he
>goes back to Korea to "reconnect", despite the fact that his
>parents are dead and all of his family lives here in the U.S.
>Both of his kids, despite being born in here speak Korean and
>Japanese fluently, and have a tutor that teaches them Asian
>history. He is in some "group" (I don't have a lot of info
>about it) that is working for the unification of North and
>South Korea. What I'm saying is, I have never heard of Black
>people who claim to be conservative pushing for or even
>interested in African history, culture, or language.

- well first of all I would ask you do you personally know any black people that identify themselves as "black conservative." then I would ask you if you have ever been in their homes and TALKED with them one on one. if you did, you might be suprised at how knowledgeable about their history, at what books are on their shelves etc.,...this idea that all black conservatives care about is money and white people is a myth. seperate yourself from that...secondly, it just sounds like your manager is a DEEP individual. he has a PERSONAL interest in his culture and his language...now, the average black person out here regardless of their political beliefs or intelligence/education level doesnt know or CARE about where they are from, the language they use to speak or their african history...why are you riding black conservatives so hard? do you hold us to a higher standard than every other black person?

>Which is EXACTLY why a specified "A GROUP". I know a "person"
>can individually get rich. But from what I know about
>economic history and sociology in this country, when GROUPS
>make/made powerful economic moves oftentimes there is/was a
>CLEARLY DEFINED racial and/or cultural link.

- you saw this in the black community during the early 20th century. Im not gonna insult your intelligence by giving you a history lesson, u know what im talking about.

>You see it with
>Italians, Jews, Asians, and most recently, I am seeing it with
>people of Arab/Middle Eastern descent. My boss has a "crew"
>that he rolls with---all Koreans, all rich. They meet every
>Thursday afternoon, and while they have all made their
>individual fortunes, they make BIG MOVES together...

- well do you see those FUBU cats doing this? do you see bob johnson doing this? oprah? russell simmons? why are you riding black conservatives so hard on this...and besides, dont you think the problems africans are facing over there are more important than trying to financially "build" with them right now?