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Topic subjectSpeaking of reading...
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25507, Speaking of reading...
Posted by MALACHI, Tue Mar-22-05 04:51 PM

>I tripped totally out a few months ago when we were having a
>discussion, and he pulled off of his bookshelf Amos Wilson's
>"Blueprint For Black Power", and "Powernomics" by Dr. Claud
>Anderson. I told him I had read both, and asked him what HE
>was doing reading those books, his reply was: "These books
>specifically explain what whites, Jews, and Asians have been
>doing for generations...but they are written FOR YOU. The
>bigger question is why HAVEN'T more Blacks READ THEM? Why
>aren't these books on the best seller list?"

Mr. Kim hipped me to the book "BLACKONOMIC$--The Way to Psychological and Economic Freedom for African Americans" by James Clingman. (shamefully I had to admit I had neither heard of the author or the book)

Here is a link: