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Posted by suave_bro, Wed Mar-23-05 01:08 PM
>With that said, allow me to try to restate my disagreement
>with black conservatives. When I spoke of "embracing their
>culture," what I was trying to say Black Conservatives, it
>seems, have gone to far in embracing American individualism.

- would it be far fetched to say that the bulk of african americans have embraced american individualism? lets not play around here, most black folks have an "i got mines get yours" mentallity. this mentallity isnt exclusive to "black conservatives." people like to shit on republicans for being greedy and not caring about the "little" guy, but go into the ghettoes and inner cities all over this country. black folks walk around with phat farm, nike, big rims on their SUV's, 200 dollar sneakers, we've got the flat screen TV's, we've got the state of the art DVD/Mp3 players, we have the resources to help one another out, but we don't do this. in fact, we ridicule other black folks that are too poor to afford these things (which is why so many black men sell drugs to buy shit, not to eat)!!...cmon now, let's cut the act that we are this down trodden group of people that have nothing and that we rely soley on one another to keep going in america, and that black conservatives are the "bad guys"....

>They look at how white people have behaved in that respect,
>and assume that Black people should do the same thing. And
>their not wrong in saying that any single person can have
>success in America, that's obvious to anybody.

- are you sure about that? you and I might know this but i dont believe your average black person believes this.

>totally embracing indivdualism, IMO, would be a mistake. We
>have to be concerned about the welfare of oursleves as a
>group. That how a minority succeeds: they turn their small
>numbers and isolation, things that could be disadvantages,
>into advantages. I don't think Black Conservatives see the
>value in this.

- I agree with what you are saying but to solely say that black conservatives are the only people guilty of this in our community is just short of comedy.

>Are you contradicting yourself? Explain this, first you say
>>- I hear you, but its kind of hard to to follow up when the
>>community doesnt believe in your message to begin with.
>then you say this:
>>- I could link you up to an article online where john
>>mcwhorter got up in front of a group of people and went into
>>his "thing" and it pissed the black folks off. after a
>>while the people began to hear him and they were knodding
>>their heads yes (of course u had your "activists" in the
>>but for the most part the audience agreed...the problem
>>his MESSAGE, it was that he was saying it above a whisper
>>into a microphone.
>So is this problem the "message", or isn't it?

- NO! my point is that we KNOW the message. we KNOW what black conservatives are saying is true because we ALL talk like this in the privacy of our own homes...but to publicly acknowledge these things as TRUTHS and then go from there = embracing the message. when I say that the black community doesnt embrace the message, I'm saying that we need to start building our strategy around that message and ideology, and that won't happen in 6 million years.

>Send me that article though, I vaguely remeber hearing someing
>about that.


>PLEASE don't confuse Black Liberals and Black Nationalists.
>The Black Nationalist wants Black people to exercise economic,
>political, and social control over the Black community. IMO,
>Black nationalism is not itself a solution, it's the point we
>need to get to before we're even in a position to impliment
>realistic solutions.

- I have heard black liberals make this argument, mainly in regards to how outsiders come into our communities and set up shop and get rich.

>Black Liberals, on the other hand, doesn't think Black People
>can solve their own problems. They naively think that the
>Government can solve our problems (or would ever want to, even
>if they could). Their biggest mistake is that, even if
>liberal solutions could solve the problems of the Black
>community, you're not even in the position to demand that the
>government do so until you have political, economic, and
>social control over your own community.

- I oh agree. I wasn't trying to say they were the same, I was just separating them from black conservatives.

>Who has hed had on there?

- I cant say i've listened to the show as often as I like but under his archives u can see the types of guests he has on there...I know he had maxine waters on there and she hung up on him when it got too hot. just listen to some of his archived shows. he brings some TOUGH QUESTIONS to these people.