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Posted by suave_bro, Tue Mar-22-05 07:56 PM
>Black Conservatives say "blacks are contracting Aids because
>of immoral and irresponsible sexual practices." While this
>statment would be 100% true, the criticism means nothing if
>you're not doing anthing the change the situation.

- well let's look at that: how do you stop the spread of aids? what can be done outside of what the GOVT/CDC has already done? AIDS awareness programs and articles are literally EVERYWHERE. I cant name the last time i didnt open a magazine/newspaper and didnt see an ad on AIDS, turn on the net and not see a pop up or ad for a site on AIDS awareness, tv commercials, radio spots...Aids awareness is literally everywhere its unavoidable in this country as it should be. now, what do you want next? for there to be people with latex gloves going around peoples apartments and pulling men out before they spread the virus!? not trying to be funny or make light of it but im really asking you what is next!?. there is literally NOTHING you can do about the AIDS problem other than talk and give out info. this horse has been just staring at the water for over a decade now...hell, last month when that new disease popped up in the gay community, the health official just came out and said "dont put anything up your butt that doesnt have latex on it"...its time we got raw and real with our own people like that. surely u dont disagree.

>I don't
>want to be to general, becuase I know there are some Black
>Conservatives that have some good programs going (Like
>Peterson's manhood training thing), but for the most part, I
>see a lot of condemnation without a lot of follow up. Maybe
>i'm wrong though, maybe it's there and I just don't know about

- I hear you, but its kind of hard to to follow up when the community doesnt believe in your message to begin with. i mean a black teen mother who has babies by men she doesnt even know doesnt wanna hear that she needs to shape up and get her shit together and that she made her bed now lie in it, she wants to hear somebody tell her how she didnt have a daddy, and how her environment affected her, and how the record label CEO's are to blame for the sexual lyrics, how she is strong yada yada yada...i mean it boils down to the way we approach the problems. most people dont like the way black conservatives approach the problems...

>Interesting point. I still thinks it's more of a
>communication issue. I think there are a lot of Black People
>out there that agree (the "Black silent majority" that
>McWhorter talked about), but the message isn't getting

- I could link you up to an article online where john mcwhorter got up in front of a group of people and went into his "thing" and it pissed the black folks off. after a little while the people began to hear him and they were knodding their heads yes (of course u had your "activists" in the room) but for the most part the audience agreed...the problem wasn't his MESSAGE, it was that he was saying it above a whisper and into a microphone. I mean think about it, when was the last time a black liberal/nationalist "leader" directly confronted a black conservative on issues concerning the black community? jesse has them on his show all the time and they can NEVER argue his POINTS, they just call him names or hang the phone up on him. its hillarious to hear but disturbing at the same time. when i first heard jesse peterson i wanted to dismiss that man with all my heart, but i couldnt (cant) ignore the fact that nobody to this day has been able to shut down his arguments about the black community (maybe his undying love for white people and the republican party but on our community!? flawless.)...all they can do is make fun of how he talks and call him "uncle tom"...

>typical black leadership does though. they have
>>gotten visibly rich off of this and the black community
>>continues to get worse. how we arent outraged at this is
>>beyond me...but that is another topic altogether.
>I wouldn't say that this only a phenomenon of liberal black

- oh i wouldnt either.