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Posted by sunngodd, Tue Mar-22-05 07:31 PM
- oh ive heard this argument TONS of times. dont say "blacks
>lead in hiv/AIDS" without elaborating on what was done to us
>that got us here, or dont say "blacks are lagging behind
>academically" without saying what white people did to us that
>got us there...

Black Conservatives say "blacks are contracting Aids because of immoral and irresponsible sexual practices." While this statment would be 100% true, the criticism means nothing if you're not doing anthing the change the situation. I don't want to be to general, becuase I know there are some Black Conservatives that have some good programs going (Like Peterson's manhood training thing), but for the most part, I see a lot of condemnation without a lot of follow up. Maybe i'm wrong though, maybe it's there and I just don't know about it.

but in doing that that is A) suggesting that
>without whitey we are nothing (which ive heard gates do on
>bill oreillys program before) and B) that we REALLY have no
>control over own communities and lives in america.

I agree

>the reason why black conservatives havent taken off in the
>black community is because we dont embrace the "victim"

Interesting point. I still thinks it's more of a communication issue. I think there are a lot of Black People out there that agree (the "Black silent majority" that McWhorter talked about), but the message isn't getting across.

typical black leadership does though. they have
>gotten visibly rich off of this and the black community
>continues to get worse. how we arent outraged at this is
>beyond me...but that is another topic altogether.

I wouldn't say that this only a phenomenon of liberal black leaders


“He may be friendly, but he's not your friend." - Malcolm X