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Posted by suave_bro, Tue Mar-22-05 06:57 PM
>OK, "embracing thier culture" was a bad choice of words. I
>was just saying that they could be more effective at
>communicating their message if they framed it a different

- oh ive heard this argument TONS of times. dont say "blacks lead in hiv/AIDS" without elaborating on what was done to us that got us here, or dont say "blacks are lagging behind academically" without saying what white people did to us that got us there...but in doing that that is A) suggesting that without whitey we are nothing (which ive heard gates do on bill oreillys program before) and B) that we REALLY have no control over own communities and lives in america.

the reason why black conservatives havent taken off in the black community is because we dont embrace the "victim" mentallity. typical black leadership does though. they have gotten visibly rich off of this and the black community continues to get worse. how we arent outraged at this is beyond me...but that is another topic altogether.