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Topic subjectI have seen this EXACT same thing:
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25491, I have seen this EXACT same thing:
Posted by MALACHI, Tue Mar-22-05 05:07 PM
>And with Jewish friends I have. They said point blank that
>the community is what drives everything. My ex-boss? When he
>got married, they (his guests) did not bring him toasters and
>stuff like that, they brought him cash. He had 50G's to put
>down on his 250K house. He bought his car cash, from a
>dealership where he had connects- a 2003 Acura.

My wife and I went to a friend's wedding (she is Italian), and I saw VERY FEW wedding gifts in boxes...people walked up to her and her new husband and gave them envelopes with dead presidents in them. Looked just like the wedding reception scene in "Goodfellas". I know for a fact that they had enough loot to pay off both of their cars, which helped them to build a NICE house almost immediately.