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Topic subjectI've had similar conversations with my Korean ex-boss
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25490, I've had similar conversations with my Korean ex-boss
Posted by FireBrand, Tue Mar-22-05 04:45 PM

And with Jewish friends I have. They said point blank that the community is what drives everything. My ex-boss? When he got married, they (his guests) did not bring him toasters and stuff like that, they brought him cash. He had 50G's to put down on his 250K house. He bought his car cash, from a dealership where he had connects- a 2003 Acura.

Jamaiacans tend to work together, but we are so competitive that it doesn't equate to what I see other communities doing. I see all the very successful communities do this, and when WE talk about coming together you got some folk talking that "Like Minded" nonsense, and others squawking about "Why we got to work together, to each his own" BS too.

What we need to do is get the committed. The TRULY committed and make a REAL commitment to growth. The question is, what is that first step.

I talked with Ananse and Dr. Baruti about this a few years back, and I STILL think it can be done. I'm down. Tell me where to move.

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