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Topic subjectRE: the big payback
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25483, RE: the big payback
Posted by guest, Wed May-24-00 06:54 PM
Actually, there is nothing that this government can do to make up the damage that has been done. Slavery has had such a devastating effect on every generation since and will continue to have an effect as long as this country exists in its current capitalistic state.

There are many rich white families out there who had wealth passed on to them by their forefathers who amassed their fortunes due to slavery. There are also many black families who remain in poverty as a result of their ancestors not having a damn thing when they were freed.

I don't think that just handing out a check to everybody who is black will do any good. A lot of people don't know how to handle money and black people as a whole won't really get anywhere if they just paid everybody in cold cash.

But I do think that black people should be exemptfrom federal taxes for many generations. Why should we have to pay federal taxes for a country that has for so long used federal funding to damage the social, political, economical, and health status of blacks for such a long period of time. Remember the Tuskeegee Experiment? And who knows what else is still going on that we don't know about.

I also think that any taxes, if any are taken from minority working people, that money should be used to improve the conditions in the community in which hardworking black people live in. Therefore there could be more community centers for kids and adults alike, and would offer many programs such as recreation, computer courses, music, art, etc. Think of all of the kids who would be off the streets if they had a safe plafe to play basketball or work in a recording studio for free.

Education should be a free ride from kindergarten all the way to college and the government should pick up the bill, one hundred percent.

Also, there should be grants offered to black people who are showing that they are going to finish school and get a job and the grants should pay for the homes one hundred percent. Think of all of the people who would stay in school and get a job if they knew that they were guaranteed to get a home for their accomplishments.

I think many programs like these would help to improve the status of blacks in this company. But no matter what this country does, is they ever do anything, nothing will replace what they have stolen from us in the past and continue to do so today.