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Topic subjectNothing would be enough
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25471, Nothing would be enough
Posted by incogx, Sun May-21-00 05:21 PM
Nothing they could give would heal us. Material would just be a pacifier. But they could at least give us the cure to AIDS (because I KNOW they have it), fix the education system, stop helping drugs get into inner cities, & put a library in place of every liquor store. And since our ancestors had no choice in being brought here, any of us that wanted to return to the Motherland should get free transportation. I ain’t playin’ yall!! And stop shooting us down! And free Mumia and all the MANY other innocents on Death Row or locked for life. Let Assata come and be with her family (that is if she even WANTS to come back). Punish the pigs who shoot unarmed black folk the same way they’d punish a brotha who shot one of them! There’s so much. I could go on forever, but I wont. Y’all got me fired up, up in heah!!


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put me in ur corner if u wish/ but i'll just be makin side notes on how/ f*ckin is fundamental/ how to get corporate america to fund tha mentals ...asighn4jane

home is where the heart is/ and homeless man run this land ...incog

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